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2012 Summer Nude Makeup Tips

2012 summer is here! With the weather gets hotter and hotter each day, we dont want to wear heavy makeups. A nude makeup is perfect to keep us look fresh, vibrant and naturally beautiful in the hot summer, and its super easy!

Follow these easy tips to achieve a great nude make look.

You simply need:

    A concealer that matches your skin color, better a lighter one.
    A rosy blusher
    An eyeliner that matches your lash color, or the one you love most in your makeup bag.
    A rosy lipstick


1.    Wash your face with cleansing cream, moisturizing your face as regular.
2.    Apply the concealer all over the face and the eyelids with a concealer brush. Make sure that each blemish on your face is covered. This serves as the foundation.
3.    Apply the blusher onto your cheek. Brush it gently from below the cheekbones under the center of each eye outwards so that it adds natural luster on your cheek and makes you look radiant. DONOT brush too hard or below the cheekbone.
4.    Draw eye line. Draw as close as possible to your upper eyelash, from inner corner to outer corner of the eye.
5.    Makeup your lip.
Done! You will find that your features are best brought out without telling that you are making it up. Try now and make yourself look naturally prettier than what you were born with.

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