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5 Simple Tips to Apply Eye Makeup

To many people eye makeup is the most difficult part of the whole makeup. One wrong brush stroke might ruin all the work you have done on your face. Here are 5 simple, super easy tips for you to make up your eyes to look all the way fabulous.

1.  Go for color contrast

For a perfect eye makeup, eye shadow colors should go with your eye color. So always keep in mind that you should choose an eye shadow color those contracts to your eye color. It will give the eye a more attracting effect. If you have darker eyes, choose gray, blue, green or purple eye shadows; if your eyes are lighter, go for taupe, brown or bronze shades.

2.  Start light when applying eye shadow

It has been a commonly known technique that you should start light and then layer accordingly when applying eye shadow. It is simple to add more color when it is not strong enough, but it would be a tragic if it’s too dark and you have to remove it and start over again.

3.  Determine your eye shape before applying eyeliner

Only line the outer corners if your eyes are round or set close together. Otherwise, line the entire upper lid.

4.  Wiggle the mascara brush when doing your lashes.

One of the most important eye makeup application techniques. It gets every single lash and will make your lashes look more voluptuous and dramatic. But before that, if your lashes are thin, use an eyelash curler to give your lashes extra curl and body.

5.  Finish with a concealer.

Before the whole eye makeup is ready, there’s one simple but important step.  Dabbing a concealer that matches your skin tone under your dark circles will keep the focus remaining on your eyes.

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