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beautyADDICTS SolutionEYES (4 Shade Palette)

beautyADDICTS SolutionEYES (4 Shade Palette)

List Price: $35.00

beautyADDICTS SolutionEYES are unique eye shadow quads each offer four sumptuous, blendable shades formulated in textures that range from sheer matte to subtle shimmer-all designed to mix flawlessly for a goof-proof application.

All of these eye shadows have been formulated with minerals (zinc stearate, titanium dioxide, iron) and the Shimmer and Frost formulas have super-fine crushed pearls added for a soft, luminous finish. Additionally, the formulas are oil free and oil absorbent, lessening the possibility of creasing on the lid.

Available Palettes:

  • Glow: These shimmering lavender shadows are perfect for brides, teens, and anyone who wants a soft glowing look.
  • Motivate: Heather, berry, plum, and pale pink will give you that edgy sophistication, that can easily transition from office day to fun filled evening.
  • Express: This color family uses rosy-gold, bronze, buff and cinnamon, for that sun washed glow.
  • Seduce: This color array is perfect if you want to create that smoky eye in white, silver, and black.
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