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Color can be separated into two categories.

Skin Tone- Stays the same unless you become tanner or paler. Skin tone is enhanced by: Foundation, Base, Concealer, Powder, Shading or Contouring.

Accessories- Change with your wardrobe and include: Eyeshadow, Mascara, Blush and Lip Color.

A commonly asked question is, What color should I wear? Color is an accessory. If you are wearing a red shirt, find something with a red tone. If you are wearing purple, you'll wan t to find something with a mauve tone.


How do I select the proper foundation shade for my skin?

The best place to test match your skin tone is on the chin and lower jaw area. To test a color, apply a small amount of foundation and feather out the blend. If the shade isnĄŻt quite right select the next shade up or down in tone. Expect that the foundation chosen in mid-summer may be too dark in mid-winter. The objective of foundation is to smooth and blend skin tone and color differences to a natural healthy look of natural skin. If it looks like a mask, (or feels that way) than too much has been applied. If you see no difference, you have applied too little. Remember foundation should help you look simply beautiful.


Sometimes I need a lot more coverage than my regular foundation can give me. What do you suggest I use?

When a great deal of coverage is needed in a specific area, don't apply heavy foundation to compensate. Use a concealer which should be applied easier, faster and with better results.


I tend to crease under the eyes when I apply powder, what am I doing wrong?

You should smooth the area underneath the eyes before powdering to insure your application is flawless before setting. If you have applied concealer thinly under the eyes, you will avoid creases. Powder does not create a crease or accentuate lines-- thick make-up on the thin tissue under the eye does.

Shading and Contouring

Various companies have perfected shading or contouring powders. These brush on easily with a blush brush and are almost fool-proof. If the shading is applied too heavy, you can minimize it with a little translucent powder.

I always hear about shading and contouring but what exactly are they used for?

Most make-up artists use shading or contouring to minimize fullness under the jaw area, emphasize the cheek bones, or give the appearance of narrowing the width of the nose.


How do I choose the perfect lip color?

Observe yourself but remember color is an accessory. What color is your wardrobe and what color are you currently wearing? Select three colors in the same range- light, medium and dark. Try on each color and pick the one you feel most comfortable wearing.


How do I know which shade of blush to wear?

Once the lipstick and lip pencil have been selected, simply choose a blush in the same color family.

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