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ESCA Heavy Bottom Tumbler
Model No.: F1113 Size: 75mm diam. x 98mm high Made of Acrylic
ESCA Cosmetic Organizer with 2-Drawer and Wire Rack
Model No.: F1260A Size: 343 x 230 x 244mm Made of Acrylic
ESCA Heavy Bottom Soap Dispenser with Stainless Steel Pump
Model No.: F1114SS Size: 75mm diam. x 191mm high Made of Acrylic
ESCA 7-Compartment Drawer Organizer with Lipstick Holder
Model No.: F1304 Size: 360 x 265 x 50mm Made of Acrylic
ESCA Faceted Swab / Cotton Ball Holder
The cotton ball and swab holder features elegant clear acrylicconstruction and stylish beveled edges. The lid fits snugly to protect yourcotton balls and Q-tips from dust and moisture. This vanity accessory features aseparate inner compartment that holds standard sized cotton swabs vertically, sothey're easily accessible and easy to refill. Cotton balls are stored around theoutside of the Q-Tip compartment.
ESCA 3-Drawer Jewelry Box
Model No.: F1134 Size: 239 x 149 x 107mm Made of Acrylic
ESCA Fluted Swab Holder
Model No.: G2003 Size: 72mm diam. x 137mm high Made of Acrylic
ESCA 4-Drawer Jewelry Box
Model No.: F1135 Size: 239 x 149 x 107mm Made of Acrylic
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