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ModelCo LASH + BROW Growth Stimulator

ModelCo LASH + BROW Growth Stimulator

List Price: $42.00

ModelCo LASH + BROW Growth Stimulator conditions and repairs existing hair while enhancing new hair growth.

Restore thin lashes and over plucked brows with a deep conditioning bland of vitamins and proteins for voluptuous lashes and fuller thicker brows! With aunique easy-to-use brush for precise application LASH + BROW Stimulator also works to slow down excess hair loss for healthier, super sexy lashes and brows.

Research Results:

Independent test results saw outstanding improvement in the overall condition of lashes and brows. Over 92% of respondents had fuller, thicker, more visible brows after using this unique wonder product and over 80% experienced healthier, fuller, thicker, and longer lashes. These results refer to use over an eight-week period.


For best results apply nightly after cleansing. Coat lashes and brush through eyebrows, applying only to the selected area.

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