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Moom Sugaring Hair Removal Introductory Kit

Moom Sugaring Hair Removal Introductory Kit

List Price: $19.95

Virtually painless, because of the precise adhesion level of Moom. Regrowth is sparser and hair finer, reduces hair removal frequency. Strong enough for the most stubborn hair, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive area. Can be used for legs, face, bikini area, underarms and whole body. Water soluble - simply rinse with warm water.

Sugaar, Water, Chamomile, Lemon, Tea Tree Oil.

1. Read all instructions under lid before use. 2. Must be warmed to honey-like consistency before use. 3. Do not heat over 120F. Serious injury could result. 4. Spread a thin layer of Moom in direction of hair growth. 5. Place Moom strip over it. Rub vigorously. 6. Quickly pull strip in opposite direction.

Product Description
This original 100% natural water soluble hair removal system contains only sugar, water, lemon juice, chamomile and tea tree oil will leave your skin hair free and silky smooth for up to 8 weeks. This revolutionary product offers the benefits of long term depilation, diminishes the pain and eliminates the discomfort of waxing and other methods. This kit includes all you need for a surprisingly refreshing hair removal: Moom 100% Natural Hair Remover, 6 oz (175 grams), Fabric Strips, 12 large and 6 small, Applicators, 2 large and 6 small.
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