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Ramy Beauty Therapy Miracle Brow Kit

Ramy Beauty Therapy Miracle Brow Kit

List Price: $57.00

New York's "King of Eyebrows" has teamed with Tweezerman to create his own unique brow shaping tools.

The RAMY Tweezer by Tweezerman is Ramys own design (patent pending) with a rounded, slanted tip which is more gentle on the delicate skin around the eye area, yet precise enough to grab even the tiniest hair! The round tipped RAMY Scissors allow you to trime excess length from your eyebrow hairs and its curved handle ensures that you trim along the natural shape of your brow instead of in a straight, hard line. In addition to Ramy's first ever brow tools, this kit includes the RAMY Miracle Brow-To-Go! - the much requested pencil version of RAMY's Miracle Brow! Compact. This amazing two ended pencil had one light side and one dark side, which can be used alone or blended together to customize your own perfect brow color! The handy cap brush allows you to brush through the brows to blend for a natural looking eyebrow, not a made up looking brow! Miracle Brow-To-Go can also be used as an eyeliner!
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