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Bloom Eyebrow Essentials

Bloom Eyebrow Essentials

List Price: $25.00

Contains all the tools and tips you'll need to create perfect brows to accentuate your natural beauty. Including tweezers, brown brow pencil and clear brow gel.


Tweezers are an essential tool for grooming brows. Cleanse skin before tweezing. Pull the skin taut toward the hairline and pluck hairs in the direction they grow. It is ideal to tweeze eyebrows after a bath or shower as the skin is at its most supple.

Brows should always follow their natural shape. Only remove stray hairs below the brow not above them.

Use Bloom's Brow Pencil to fill in any open spaces, create more definition and to enhance the overall shape of your brow.

Start by using the brow brush on the cap of the pencil to brush brows into place.

Next, using light, feathered strokes the same length as brow hair, fill in areas that are uneven. Start at the inner corner of the brow and work outwards, avoid drawing one straight line.

Bloom's Brow Gel is a great addition to brow styling. It is the last step for perfectly groomed brows.

Apply a thin coat of Bloom's Brow Gel over brows to soften brow makeup, to slick brows into place and to make brows look thicker.

Once you have discovered the many joys of brow gel, you'll be addicted. The mini size container means it will fit perfectly into your makeup bag.

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