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Hard Candy Take Out Makeup Kit

Hard Candy Take Out Makeup Kit

List Price: $27.00

Served in a pretty pink, tri-level case, the Take Out Makeup Kit is an extra-large helping of makeup must-haves, carry-out style.

A complete makeup meal, this gourmet goodie is packed with beautiful treats for the eyes, lips, and cheeks. From lashes to liners to lips, Take Out will have you decked out in no time at all. Cute, clever, and convenient, Take Out Makeup Kit is the Dim Sum of makeup palettes: lots of choices, just what you crave.Kit includes: Layer 1: Lip Glosses in sheer cherry, clear with blue multi glitter, champagne with glitter, sheer peach, sheer rose with glitter, and clear with pinky-blue multi glitter, plus two lips brushes. Layer 2: Shadows in golden pink, lavender shimmer, black with silver glitter, shimmering lime, white pearl, medium brown with shimmer, apricot shimmer, and vibrant turquoise with shimmer, plus a black eye pencil, mini black mascara, and two shadow applicators. Layer 3: Two shades of concealer, a neutral rose blush, and a bronzer.
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