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How to Fix Chipped Nail Polish?

If your manicure is more than a week old when it chips, it's probably time for a new one. Otherwise you can easily remedy chips that occur between manicure sessions.


  • Moisten your index fingertip with nail-polish remover on the hand that doesn't have the chipped nail.
  • Rub this finger on the chipped area to smooth away any globs or rough edges.
  • Let it dry and then brush a small amount of nail polish on the chipped area.
  • After the polish has dried, apply a clear coat of nail polish or polish sealant to prevent future chipping.
  • Wipe the polish residue off your fingertip with a cotton ball and nail-polish remover.
  • Avoid fast-drying polishes, which tend to chip more easily.

Overall Tips:

  • Use toothpaste to remove ink stains from polish.
  • Acetone-based nail-polish removers dry out nails, which can cause them to split or break.

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