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Choose Your Foundation Makeup

Foundation makeup is one of the most important processes when you are applying make-up. Choose the right foundation for your face is the first step to a successful makeup result, it not only makes your make-up last for a longer time than usual, but also makes your skin look healthy. There are some factors you should consider in choosing the foundation makeup.

Skin Type
Whatís the type of your skin? Oily, dry, and normal or a combination of oily and dry? Itís better to know about your skin type before you splurge on that expensive foundation, If you have an oily skin, you should use water based foundation, it helps in control shine and oil in the skin, The best foundations for oily skin are in a matte or powder finish. If you have a dry skin you should use an oil based one, a foundation with some moisturizers is best for you. Those with combination skin should choose a moisturizing, yet matte look foundation. Those people with sensitive skin should go in for foundation that is free of fragrance and oil and one that has been tested for skin irritation.

Skin Color & Skin Tone
It is also important that your foundation matches your skin complexion meaning you should choose one that is closest to your skin color. Since most Caucasian, Latin, African and Asian women have yellow-based skin, they must buy foundation with a yellow base too so that it doesn't look like a mask. However, Asian women from the south-Asian region have skin with a yellow-greenish undertone and thus, need a foundation that has same color of pigment as the base. Experts often use two or more shades of foundation to highlight the best features of the face and underplay the low points. There are so many people make the mistake of buying foundation that doesnít suit their tone of the face. Skin tone is the underlying tint in your skin. These are pink, yellow or peach. If you are a pink undertone, you need to even out your skin tone by using a yellow toned foundation. While buying foundation, always select according to your skin color and tone. Try it on your face and not on hands because hands are always a different color from the face. Better than the face is trying out the foundation on the neck.  It is easy but time consuming to do so. However if you want to have the perfect foundation, you should do it. Anyway, it is for your own benefit.


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