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Claroderm Micropeeling and Cleansing Cloth

Claroderm Micropeeling and Cleansing Cloth

List Price: $7.95

Let your skin glow! This delicate microfiber towelette reaches deep into the pores opening and cleasing the pores of harmful bacteria through an exfoliating process without chemical or soap

Only Claroderm will remove ALL your make-up, no one else can make this claim.  Experience the Claroderm micropeeling and cleansing sensation with this delicate microfiber cloth.  This process removes dead skin cells which accentuate wrinkles and in so doing make your skin look and feel younger.  Micropeeling removes grease accumulation that causes certain forms of acne.  Micropeeling will also help in acne care by removing dirt and taking healing oxygen to affected pores.  Claroderm will

  •     Remove make-up and facial bacteria within the pores
  •     Clean without chemicals or soap
  •     Treat and heal blemished skin from closed and dirty pores

Dermatologically Tested

Material:  approximately 86% Polyester, approximately 14% Polyamid


Less than one minute will deep clean your skin with Claroderm.  DO NOT use for more than 1 minute in any one spot.  You may use it at night, when you remove the harmful effects of pollution and for make-up removal allowing your skin to enjoy and overnight rejuvenation.  Alternatively, use it in the morning for a refreshing start to the day.  You may use it daily or three times a week according to your skin type. 

  1. Dampen the Micropeeling towel with water
  2. Use Circular movements while rubbing the towel over your face, neck or the part of the body you want to treat.  You may also use Micropeeling in the eye zone, where skin is delicate or on feet, elbows or your back.
  3. Wash your face with water.  Now your face is prepared to continue its beauty routine with your choice of wellness products. 

How To Care

It is Recommended to wash the towel after every use.  You must not use fabric softeners that will reduce its special cleaning effect. 

Boil the towel in water or put it in a solution of water with few drops of chlorine to assure disinfecting for best results. 

Customer Reviews Average Rating: Rating: 5.00
Claroderm Micropeeling and Cleansing Cloth
Rating: 5.00 - Isabel from New Jersey, August 25, 2010
I love the clothe. As I use Retin A, I appreciate the cloth helping me remove occassional flaky skin. Would highly recommend. But...don't rub too hard. Too harsh and your face is red the entire day.
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