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Tips on Buying Makeups Online

Looking beautiful may be just a mouse-click away when you order cosmetics online. Check out all of your favorite brands - many or most may be available in an online store.


  • Click a Related Site, enter the word "cosmetics" or "makeup" in a search engine such as Lycos or Alta Vista, or click the desired boxes in the shopping list below and choose the "shop online" option.
  • Browse a number of the sites. Some sell only the cosmetics that they manufacture while others give you a wide choice of products from various manufacturers.
  • If you need a specific item, do a site search by the category of the product ("lipstick," "eyeliner") or by the name of the manufacturer.
  • Consult with the site's online beauty adviser, if one is available. You can contact the adviser by e-mail, or you can use a toll-free phone number to call for advice before you buy.
  • Find the product you want, and add it to your shopping or tote "bag." Be sure to indicate the color you desire in the appropriate box.
  • Order all the products you need and proceed to "checkout." Fill in the payment and shipping information.
  • Check the total amount with taxes and shipping costs added in.
    If you are happy with the total, submit your order.


  • Most sites have tips and ideas for choosing and using makeup. Check them out if you want help.
  • If you don't find the product you want, some sites allow you to e-mail a request for a specific product you don't see on the site.
  • Always look for special promotions, sales or discounts. If possible, register on the site and you may be eligible for free samples and other special privileges.
  • Most sites will allow you to return cosmetics for a refund or replacement. Read the return policy before you buy.

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Kate from LA, May 11, 2009
Thanks for these helpful tips, they make the buying easier and reduce time consumed on it.
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