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Eye Color Rules

Find out which shades work the best with your eye color.

  • Keep deeper colors on the lid.
  • Use lighter colors on the brow bone.
  • For a casual but polished look, sweep one shade from lashes to brow bone.
  • Use cream shadows sparingly -- the colors tend to be very vivid.
  • Eye gloss is the newest trend. It adds a sheer shine to lids, but don't try it unless you know you can carry it off -- it can look greasy and inappropriate.
  • Apply powder eyeliners wet for more intense color.
  • White, pink and yellow eyeliner pencils tend to make the eye look open and brighter. Blue counteracts redness, and black will give you a sultry look.
  • In order to make eyeliner easy to apply, manufacturers sometimes make it so creamy it doesn't stay put. You can use a matching eye shadow or powder liner to set your eyeliner.

Choosing Eye Makeup Colors

Find out which shades work the best with your eye color.

Stumped about which makeup colors will bring your eyes into sharp focus? This is the cheat sheet for the best shades for your peepers:

If you eyes are: Blue

Try: Brown and rose. Warm shades contrast the coolness of blue eyes, making them stand out. Apply from lashlines to creases and top with black mascara.

If you eyes are: Brown

Try: Green and gold. Both shades will pick up the colored flecks found in brown eyes. Choose a slightly shimmer texture, and apply from lashlines to browbones, blending well.

If you eyes are: Green

Try: Lavender and mocha. Purple shades contrast your color, making eyes look dramatic; warmer shades of mocha complement green, giving a natural effect. Wear mocha for day, lavender for night, and top both with brown mascara.

If you eyes are: Hazel

Try: Deep green and pale yellow. Depending on your mood, choose a shadow shade that matches different flecks in your eyes. For a twist, apply shadow, then line eyes with the same color, using a liner brush dipped in water.

Anyone-Can-Wear-'Em-Shades: Charcoal, chocolate, black. (Tip: Since they can look heavy on the lid, use these colors as liners to complement any shadow hue.)

Want to wake up your look? Here ten ways to do it:

Prime your lids. The skin on eyelids is naturally darker than the skin on the rest of your face. Apple a layer of bone shadow over lids to even their tone. Any color you apply on top of that will pop.

Try colored liner. Not the bright green or blue you're thinking of - instead, experiment with navy, plum, and khaki to bring out the color of your eyes.

Moisturize. If fine lines and crepey-te4xtured skin are your problems, stock up on an eye cream to use before bed (skip the a.m. application - it could make your eye makeup run).

Or de-puff. If your main concern is puffiness, try an eye gel. It's formulated to temporarily tighten undereye skin, and works well under makeup.

Go bronze. A subtle bronze shadow brings out the best in all eye colors. For the prettiest effect, apply a sheer layer to lids, then line eyes with the same shade.

Try a curling mascara. Metal eyelash curlers are tricky to use. But the new curling mascara formulations do the same job with no risk of pinched lids.

Line right. To apply pencil liner precisely, gently pull the outer corner of your eyes so your lashes make a straight line. Angle the tip of the pencil toward your lashes and lightly draw from inner to outer corner.

Try fuller brows. Pencil-thin brows have been in for seasons. But this year, thicker eyebrows are making a comeback. If you need to let yours grow in, camouflage sparse spots with a brow pencil.

Zap white bumps. The tiny bumps that appear under eyes as we age are called milia - they are small clogged pores. Don't try to extract them yourself, instead, see a dermatologist who can remove them in under two seconds.

Go for the unexpected. A pale lemon yellow or shimmery peach shadow adds color in a subtle way. Top with two coats of black mascara for an updated classic look.

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Casey Willhite from Aurora Missouri, April 18, 2007
That is a great tip to know about makeup.
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putting on eyeliner without making it look obvious
Vivien, April 3, 2007
to make eyeliner look less obvious and not as heavy, pull down your lower lid, or up for your upper lid, and line inside.
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