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Eyebrow Shaping, what is eyebrow shaping, how to have perfect eyebrow shape.

Eyebrow shape shouldn't be overlooked. The whole makeup depends on Eyebrows shaping. Get your eyebrow shape right now! And you will see the difference. Eyebrow frame and bring focus to the eyes.Eyebrow shaping for different types of eyes

Eyebrow Shape For Very Small Eyes: The last thing you need is heavy looking brows. Slowly remove some of the excess from the bottom of the brow.

Eyebrow Shape For Wide Set Eyes: Follow the same instructions as those given for close set eyes but begin the brows just a little closer to the nose.

Too Little or No Eyebrow Hair

Most of us have at least a little brow hair. I don't know if this is good or bad. It's like okay great, you some real hair thrown in there, but does it really do you any good?? sure, it can be used as a guide if you have enough in all the right places. Or does it just get in the way and make you look like you have eyebrow pencil on top of sparse eyebrow hair?? Anyway, since the majority of us have at least one hair, right?

Too Much, or Unshaped Eyebrow Hair

Just say no, ladies. Sometimes people wonder if it is entirely worse to have too much over not having any at all. However, at least the cure for bushy brows is a quick, precise plucking session and you have instant diva.

Asymmetrical Brows

Actually this isn't as bad as it sounds. At least you have brows! Many celebrities have asymmetrical brows, one being my favorite pretty lady, Angelina Jolie. Regardless, you can cover one half of your face and look like a different person (paten, one side sexy, the other plain -- or as some people say happy on one side/sad on the other).

Whatever the case. They are easy to fix, but don't necessarily have to be. Take a straight on photo of yourself and do a mirror image exercise.

Natural, Simple Brows

Although not glamorous, these brows fit this person's face and looks perfectly fine on her. Try fro brows which are easy to care for, not unruly and are neither too small or too large for your face. You can wear a variety of different brow shapes but wear one which is suitable for your lifestyle and personality.

How To Shape Your Eyebrows

To determine exactly where your brow should begin, hold a makeup brush or a pencil straight up and down against one nostril. Where the pencil lands by your brow is where it should begin. The brow should end a little past your eye (if it grows down too far it will drag your eyes down). If you have a natural arch, work with it. If you need to create one, look into your eyes. The arch of your eyebrow should fall directly above the outside of your iris. Using an eyebrow pencil, fill in the brow area that you want to preserve so you can pluck outside the edges.

Take a thin make up brush and place it at the side of your nose straight up and down. Where this line ends near the brow, your brow should start from there.

Take the same make up brush and angle it from the nose to the pupil while looking straight ahead. Your arch generally peaks where the make up brush meets your brow.

Again take the make up brush and angel it from the nose to the outside of the corner of the eye. This is where your brow should end. It should never drag below this area either or it can drag your eyes down.

Tips: Go slow! Draw them on first if you have to or use a stencil but pluck one hair at a time and make sure you take a step back to see if you are doing well. Pluck the unwanted hairs in the direction that they grow. It causes a lot less pain and you are less likely to bleed. Brush the, up as well and carefully trim any long hairs. And the myth about not plucking above your brows. Please do! If you don't need it, pluck it!

After you have correctly plucked, or had your brows correctly plucked by a professional, it will be easier to see where you need color fill in (if necessary). They will also be easier to maintain of you don't let them run amuck again.

Tools of the Trade

You simply must have a good pair of tweezers. There are so many cheapies out there it is pathetic. Tweezerman tweezers can give you good shapen. Tweezerman, ask anybody, is practically the best you can buy -- and they will resharpen them for life, you just pay postage. Eyebrow combs and brushes are also extremely helpful. Not entirely necessary but certainly the eyebrow brush is a necessity for us because it have to pencil color in and brush it in to blend.

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