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Keep Eyeshadow in Place for Hours I hate the way eyeshadow wears out by the end of the day, all of it sliding into the crease of the eye leaving you looking like you've taken to lining the middle of your lid with goopy eyeliner. I figured there wasn't much you could do about it until I went to the M.A.C. counter and had a makeover. It was there I was turned on to M.A.C.'s 'Paints' collection. The pearlized texture stays put all day and into the night and I'm convinced it wouldn't leave your lid for weeks if you didn't take makeup remover to it. You spread it on your lid then top it with your eyeshadow and Voila! your good to go for days.


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beautyADDICTS SolutionEYES (4 Shade Palette)
beautyADDICTS SolutionEYES are unique eye shadow quads each offer four sumptuous, blendable shades formulated in textures that range from sheer matte to subtle shimmer-all designed to mix flawlessly for a goof-proof application.
Contour Shadow Brush
Soft sable brush for eye shadow contouring and blending. Anastasia's brushes are designed for the perfect application of her brow products.
Sephora Colorful Chrome Mono Eyeshadow
What it is:Iridescent, multi-tonal, eyeshadow in a round compact.
Sephora Colorful Strass Mono Eyeshadow
What it is:Shimmering, micro glitter infused eyeshadow in a round compact.What else you need to know:Each of these pocket-sized shadows contains a shimmering, shadow that's infused with just the right amount of sparkle.
Too Faced Eyeshadow Base
Two sexy, beneficial eye shadow bases that soothe, protect and condition with the added benefit of keeping eye shadows in place. Infused with a botanical blend of essential oils and vitamins, First and Second Base's enriched formula helps brighten under eye circles and calm over worked eyes.
Sue Devitt E-Z Eyeshadow
Shake (rattle) and roll takes on a whole new meaning with this revolutionary eye shadow.
Nouba Eyeshadow Quattro
Without a shadow of a doubt, youll look stunning after applying this combination of four bubbled and baked mineral eyeshadows.
Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow - Seascape 250
Dress up your eyes with this collection of five perfectly harmonized eyeshadows in an irresistible designer case. Each silky powder is rich with intense pigments for long-lasting wear.
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