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How to Choose an Eye Shadow Color?

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Make them come alive with a touch of shadow on the lids.


  • Shop for shades that complement your skin and eye color. Look for colors that softly contrast with the shade of your eyes - not colors that match them exactly.
  • Choose simple, natural shades. If you opt for bright or trendy colors, be careful; they can look unnatural unless balanced with other suitable tones, and may go out of style as fast as thy came in.
  • Buy colors that blend well together. You want your eyes to attract the attention, not any marked lines caused by your shadow.
  • Keep in mind that dark colors will minimize your eyes, while light shades will make them stand out.
  • Consider soft browns and tans with sandy or pink undertones for blue eyes.
  • Wear khaki and brown shades with yellow undertones for green eyes.
  • Accent dark brown and black eyes with brown and charcoal shadows.
  • Experiment. Head to a department store's cosmetic counter and have your eyes made up by a professional. Ask for color combinations that could work for day and evening.


  • A little color goes a long way. Begin with a little shadow, and gradually increase it to find the amount that flatters you the most.
  • Shadow can look a lot darker in its palette, so don't let color intensity keep you from trying a shade you like.
  • If you experiment with bright shadows, use them as a wash over the eyelids to add a hint of color.


Shadow may irritate your eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses. Tap excess powder from the applicator before applying.

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make up for dummies at age 40yrs +
Mary Hawkey from Burkburnett Texas, February 25, 2009
I have Tried every make up out there and i cant find one that wont cake up on me and i cant find colors to complement my brown eyes I have been using earth tones for a number of yrs my eyes are a bit narrow and one eye is getting the skin over lap on the lid Please Help me, i have only had friends show me how to do my makeup but i really need total make over but i doubt if you can help that, But thanks
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