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Facial Makeup Tips for Party

When you are invited to a party, you should have a special makeup that make you stand out in the party. Here are some tips on party make up, that will help you to become the most attractive one in the party.

You should decide what you are going to wear at the party, and do a dress rehearsal with the accessories that you decide to wear.
    Do face-preparation such as cleansing, toning and moisturizing. 
    Choose a matching shade of foundation and apply a darker shade on the broader parts of your face.
    Apply powder and blush your cheeks, then add color gradually. It would be better using some blusher on the forehead and chin.
    Choose lipstick suit the color of your skin nicely at first, and then apply lipstick on your lips, blot with tissue and then reapply for a glamorous look.
    Either your eyes or your lips need to be highlighted. But if you are wearing red lipstick then do not highlight your eyes.
    Remember to use an eye shadow kit with a highlighter, like applying some highlighter on the space beneath the brows, but apply the medium color on the upper eye lid only. Sweep the darkest shade on the crease between the two shades and blend well.
    If you want to put a little dark eye shadow beneath the eyes, then remember to touch the lower lash line with a thin brush.
    Sweep two coats of mascara, and apply a final coat of colored mascara if you wish.
    Select your favorite perfume and do remember not to eat garlic, because it will affect your fragrance.

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