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Fake Bake Sparkle Babe Lip Gloss

Fake Bake Sparkle Babe Lip Gloss

List Price: $7.95

Bring moisturizing blend of color, spark and shine to your lips. From nude to fire-engine red, Sparkle Babe covers your lips in the best urban color this side of the rainbow.

Mix and mingle the gloss colors for lips that truly match your mood. From dark to light. Each 'spark' adds color and enhances a bigger looking pout - just glide over part of your lip & see for yourself!

Beachy Babe: Ready to hit the beaches? Beach girls everywhere love this gloss. It takes the "Beach Look" to a new level.

Prissy Lips: Pretty in Pink! Prissy in Pink! Everybody loves Pink, it's a staple for all prissy girls.

Dance Partner: Sexy Platinum! It's Bling Bling for the lips. Jazz up your weekends and the dance the night away.

Golden Babe: Simply Goldicious! Miners never struck gold like this. We've all heard of "golden child" now we are grown up and we are "Golden Babes"!

Limo's Waiting: Walk the red carpet in this pulse-pumping and music-thumping color. A blue-based red gloss, Limo's Waiting is the perfect accessory to your little black dress. (Paparazzi sold separately.)

No Worries: All style, no stress. Lips get nude with a side of sparkle.  Slip into this pale, golden-pink gloss and pair it with a smoky eye for afer-6 sexiness. Layer it over Plum Crazy or High Maintenance for subdued glamour.

High Maintenance: If Sedona came in a lip gloss, this tube would be it. For color with an attitude, tint your lips the shade of a red-rock canyon at sunset.

Plum Crazy: Wear your wild nature on your lips with the color of ripe plum, sweetened with shimmer. Plum up the volume with this fruit-in-a-tube and get fresh with someone.

Top Finalist: Take coral to a sparkling new level with this color.  Evocative of a tropical paradise, your lips come out ahead no matter which side of the equator you're on.

Undercover Babe: This is dusty rose, minus the dust, and it looks great day or night. With this modern take on an old classic, he'll never know what hit him.

Drama Queen: Need a reason to shine? Says who? Make a Manhattan out of the moment with Drama Queen. Slide on the metallic maroon gloss and throw yourself a party already.

Domestically Disabled: Lips may be pretty in pink, but they're fabulous in fuchsia. So hang the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door, order lip service, and let someone else do the dishes.

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