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Holiday Makeup Trends 2007

Start your holiday shopping yet? Read our holiday makeup trends, make sure your gift shopping and makeup collection is all "in".

Thanksgiving Looks: Matte

This runway look for everyday is to keep skin as clean and non-oily as possible. This can be accomplished by maintaining a skin regime that works for your skin type and, if you have combination or oily skin, being sure that you zap excess oil with whatever works best for you – such as toner or blotter sheets. Use powder eye shadow, not cream (and put a base under your shadow if necessary.) Lip gloss is usually very shiny, so choose a lipstick instead.

Christmas Looks: Metallics

Yes, this contradicts last month’s testimony regarding the trend of matte makeup. But do you really think December will come and go without a return to metallic makeup? After all, metallics have been popular for ages. What an ideal month to really experiment with them – holiday gatherings, parties and outdoor events are in need of a little shine. First decide which type of metallic you prefer. Does your skin look better next to silver or gold? There are also color-metallics, though they usually have a base undertone of silver or gold. Powder eye shadow gives a shimmery or glittery look, while cream eye shadow is often obaque and intense (unless it’s a very sheer formula). Cheek glaze can also be metallic, and looks best if your eyes aren’t too shiny. Lipstick can be available in metal-inspired hues, but be warned that, even at a party, metallic lipstick often has a bit of a junior-high connotation. Best bet: keep the shimmer in the eyes or cheeks.

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