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I have a problem with blush.

I have no idea how to apply it without it looking obvious and unnatural. Can you give some advice?

You're not alone! A lot of women forgo the blush because they just can't seem to get it right. But, if you take some time to perfect your application, you'll have a natural-looking flush that gives you a healthy glow. First of all, to get some color in the right place, apply it directly to your cheekbones and blend outward. And don’t bring the color too close to your nose. If you’ve got a long face and you’d like to soften it up for a rounder look, apply the blush straight across your cheekbones. Don’t blend out and up; just blend out, keeping blush away from your temples. If you’ve got a more oval face, stroke the blush diagonally across the cheekbone and angle it toward the temple. And if the blush gives you that circus look, pat on a little loose powder to tone it down.

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