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I could really use some lipstick tips -- any suggestions? That depends on what you're going for. For a natural lip look- cover the entire lip area with a pencil close to your lips natural shade. For intensified color- apply pencil over the entire lip area followed by a coordinating lipstick. For fuller lips- outline lips slightly outside the lip line and fill in with lipstick. In most cases you will want a pencil slightly darker than the lipstick. (Remember the lips have more color then the surrounding skin. Therefore the darker pencil is necessary to compensate). To correct uneven lips- Simply even the lips with the lip pencil and fill with lipstick. To minimize lipstick bleeding- Outline the lips with a broad line using a lip pencil. Powder the pencil line. Fill in the lips with lipstick, but carry the lipstick just up to the lip pencil. This helps set a barrier for the more emollient lipstick.

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Sephora Super Shimmer Lip Gloss
Coat lips with a glistening, glassy color with these innovative tube glosses. Just a gentle squeeze of the tube sends a wash of sexy shine over lips.
Bare Escentuals Lip Gloss
Add volume, shine, moisture, and sensuality to your lips without the goop of traditional gloss.
philosophy the supernatural lip gloss
no time to floss, just gloss! our supernatural lip gloss was created to provide a gloss that shines, moisturizes, and conditions lips- all with a minty fresh flavor. this high density formula is far more substantial than what you would expect from a gloss.
Joey New York Collagen Boosting Lip Gloss Duo
Get the sexy pout you’ve always wanted! Plump up your thin and lifeless lips, transforming them into sexy lips in no time, with two complimenting lip-gloss shades.
Sorme Lip Thick Gloss
Want full, luscious lips? Experience this advanced technology Lip Thick Gloss. With new natural polypeptide to stimulate collagen, it plums lips up to 40% fuller. Lip Thick Gloss helps smooth the lip line and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
Sorme Lip Thick Clear
A sensational sizzling, lip pumping formula that makes lips full, sexy and exciting.
Primal Elements Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss
Enriched with Vitamin E. Leaves a hint of transparent color with impeccable shimmer and fragrance. The slanted tip, squeeze-tube applicator glides smoothly along the lips.
Fake Bake Sparkle Babe Lip Gloss
Bring moisturizing blend of color, spark and shine to your lips. From nude to fire-engine red, Sparkle Babe covers your lips in the best urban color this side of the rainbow.
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