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Makeup Tips for Eyebrows-Shaping

One of the most useful makeup trick on women’s life is getting a pair of beautiful eyebrows. There are so many women have done something wrong to their eyebrows, like overlook their eyebrows, sometimes even worse, over-plucked them.

Beautifully shaped brows can make an amazing difference to your overall appearance. It is well worth making the effort to get the eyebrows looking right. The eyebrows may give others a deep impression, well-framed eye would give the face a polished look.


You had better take a bath or wash your face thoroughly at least before starting. This will make you skin soft and supple enough for you to work on. In order to see what you're really doing on your eyebrows, you can use a good mirror preferably in natural light.

After doing the preparations, you’d better know the basic knowledge of eyebrows-shaping:

  • Be careful about the distance between the brows and the length of the brows, the space between the brows should be the same as the width of your eye or very slightly wider.
  • The brows should end on the diagonal line from your nostril to the outside of your eye.
  • Do pluck your eyebrows in between, don't pluck the top of the brow as it may become fuzzy.  The brow arch should be at it's highest point on the straight line that passes from your nostril and continues passed the outside of your iris.
  • If you have never plucked your eyebrows before, see a professional.
  • Wax them if your brows are messy on top.
  • The most elegant brow is elongated, clean and simple.


  • Firstly, brush your eye brows from inside to out and then from bottom to top.
  • Stretch the skin with your weaker hand and then bring your tweezers close to your brow with your stronger hand. Position the tweezers as close to a single root as possible and then in one quick movement pull in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Carefully pluck half a dozen hairs from one brow and then do the same to the other.
  • Check how the eyebrow looks in the mirror. If it's uneven or you want to pluck some more, do so. But remember, only do a few hairs at a time. This way you will avoid the awesome bald look.
  • Your eye brows will be red and a little sore after plucking, for at least half an hour. Apply a soothing gel to the area to help reduce the irritation. And when the redness dies down, look in the mirror and admire your stunning new curves.



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