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Makeup Tips for New Year Countdown

It is time to get ready for your New Year Eve countdown party look. Here are some tips on how to be eye catching amount the crowds.

  1. Take the time to groom, shower and dress without rushing. You work hard all year and deserve to pamper yourself this night. Being fussed over will set the tone for a fantastic evening!

  2. Have your eyebrows tweezed, waxed or threaded for the perfect arch.

  3. Wear something new, whether it be a new lipstick, eye shadow or perfume. Even a great hair accessory will add to the festive vibe.

  4. Use base sparingly, blending away all excess. This will ensure a fresh look all evening.

  5. For a glamorous shimmer, add a dusting of iridescent highlighter to brow bone, cheekbone and bottom lip. Dot gloss on lip.

  6. To stay matte, invest in some shine remover tissues. A build up of powder all night will take away that luminescent and dewy freshness we all want in our skin.

  7. Buy a crumble-free mascara so laughing and dancing all night will not leave you with sprinkles of black dots under your eyes and on your cheeks.

  8. Set all your make-up including liners and shadows with a sheer translucent powder to keep the crispness and colour into the evening.

  9. Carry lipstick, shine remover ( tissue or powder) as well as a mini concealer. A quick touch up at 3:00 in the morning will make you irresistible and ravishing into the late night.

  10. For that big New Year's kiss, make sure you don't leave your date with all the lip colour, and check your own for smudges after midnight. A matte non-transfer lipstick is a good investment for that big moment.

  11. Drink in moderation: An alert, friendly face is the height of class and makes for a more attractive date! Have fun, share some laughter and dance 'til you can't anymore! 

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hamiltonri from Seattle, November 14, 2009
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Looking forward to next New Year Tips ^_^
Ashley from Montgomery AK, July 20, 2008
Still remember the very moment I took the photo at Madison Square in New Year's Eve, I love that photo, I had a nice makeup ^_^ looking forward to next NEW YEAR makeup tips. At last, I wanna say thanks :-)
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