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Makeup Trends Spring 2008

It Spring soon. It definitely the time to change your makeup collection into a refreshing Spring makeover.

With warmer months ahead, it may be time to give your makeup collection a refreshing Spring makeover. Spring 2008 makeup trends include bright candy colors by day, and dark plum and purple for night. Smoky eyeshadow continues to be a popular look this Spring, except you'll find it in a lighter version with gray and metallic silver instead. To complement the season's fashion trends with exotic touches and a '30s inspired look, makeup trends include matted foundation for the face, and sultry reds for the lips. Get started on some spring cleaning in your makeup collection catch some of these top makeup trends for Spring 2008:

Pastel Eyeshadow
Sweeping eyeshadows in pastels are a top trend for Spring 2008, especially with the season's focus on floral prints and multi-colored layers. Pastel eyeshadows in eggshell blue, light green, and lilac are perfect enhancements for brown and blue eyes. Add a touch of deep blue eyeliner for an exotic look.

Extra-Thin Cat Eyes
If you've been experimenting with the cat eye look with a liquid eyeliner this year, Spring 2008 is the season to practice and show off your hard work. Cat eyes are back for spring, except their paired with super-light eyeshadow and 'nude' colors. They will be the focal point of your face, so keep all other makeup to a minimum and pull off the look with an extra-dark pencil or liquid liner.

Super-Dark Lipcolor
From dark red to deep browns and pinks, enjoy the classic '30s trends with dark lipcolor and liner. Balance out this look with black eyeliner and plumped up lashes for maximum appeal. It's the perfect match with pantsuits and all-black ensembles this season.

Fantasy Nails
This spring promises to indulge in fairytale themes, so be prepared to spare no expense with nail decorations and creative styles. While the simple French manicure works great for the day, step it up with bold metallics and glitter for special events. Top colors for the season include pink, orange, yellow, and even navy blue.

Crayola Colored Eyeshadow
If you prefer a bolder look for eyes over a subtle pastel palette, consider a few eye-popping colors straight from the crayon box! Take your pick of bold red, green, blue, and even yellow this season; tone it down with simple black and brown eyeliner, and go easy on the rest of the makeup for a balanced look.

Matted Foundation
The dewy look in makeup is best reserved for the summer ahead, so you'll want to choose matted over glossy for foundation and powders. Matted foundation also gives you a professional finish, and mineral makeup can be 'set' with gels and sprays for a polished look.

From the popular cat eye to bold eyeshadow palettes, Spring 2008 makeup trends offer plenty of room for creativity. Lighten up winter makeup with a few bright colors this season and you'll be able to update your makeup collection with ease!

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