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Tips for Buying Makeup as a Gift

Many women enjoy the pleasures of makeup, from subtle hues to rainbow-colored palettes. Give her products from a reputable cosmetics line that match her skin tone.

  • Ponder the color scheme and general style of your intended recipient. Subtle earth tones or vibrant colors? You decide.
  • Research popular cosmetics companies. Who is the hottest name this year? Do any brands have particularly festive packaging? Your gift should include a balance of each.
  • Choose from a particular category of cosmetic types: a palette of eye shadows, a smorgasbord of brilliant blush, a rainbow of lipsticks or a festive pack of powders and bases.
  • Look for a gift-with-purchase special offer for an added package of treats that typically come in fun and convenient sample sizes.
  • Consider including a gift certificate for a free makeover from the cosmetic company's retail location.


  • You may want to wrap up a gift certificate for her favorite makeup line to insure that she receives exactly what she needs.
  • Include blush brushes, eye shadow brushes, lipstick cases or a small vanity mirror with your gift.

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