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What's in Your Makeup Bag?

With long wearing products you can go all day or evening and keep your makeup flawless。

Believe it or not, with a room full of makeup in my studio and a dining room table currently full of new products waiting to be tested and reviewed, my makeup bag is quite small and all I carry in my purse are a few lipsticks.

oily, use a powder foundation. These are available in wet/dry, cream to powder, or dual finish formulas. They are great for touch-ups during the day. If you prefer cream, stick or liquid foundation, you'll need to set the foundation with translucent powder. Whatever foundation you choose, keep either a pressed powder or the new blotting tissues like Yumé from Mon America to control shine and freshen up during the day.


Choose a shade that makes your cheeks look like you've just been pinched. Blush is practically mistake proof and very sheer - formulated in compact (powder) stick (cream or gel) or compact cream form (blend with a finger or sponge). Many cosmetic companies put a quality brush in with the compact powder blush. Otherwise, use a good quality travel sized round blush brush, or a retractable brush that will protect the brush hairs inside your makeup bag. A good brush is an investment that could cost up to $50. Take care of it, leave it at home and take the travel or retractable blush brush in your bag.

Eye Pencils:

can be used for shadow and liner. Keep a brown or black/brown pencil handy. I like the new gel pencils because they stay put and don't smudge. There are also waterproof eyeliners that will wear all day, like Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Ink.


either waterproof, or water-resistant, will stay on all day, and not smudge under the eye. Look for a brush bristle that works best for your lashes. A hint ... keeps a clean old mascara wand handy to brush through lashes when you are applying each coat. Two coats should do it. For a natural look apply one coat to the lower lashes. New from Clinique is Long and Pretty Lashes that doubles the length and thickness of the lashes. And Cover Girl has Triple Aqua Mascara and Multiplying. You don't have to pay $30 for quality. Test mascaras. See which brush works the best for you. Most stores will take returns with a receipt.


Why put gloss and lipstick on 10 times a day. I'm a big fan of Lip Finity by Max Factor and Outlast by Cover Girl. They are lip paints with an ingredient called PermaTone. Apply the lip paint in the morning and it stays on through coffee, lunch and the 4pm cappuccino break. All you need to have with you is the accompanying gloss that moisturizes and shines the lips over the color. It's the best long wearing lip color around.

If you would rather wear lipstick, keep a few neutral pink/brown lipsticks, or gloss tucked away in your bag for daytime, and a brighter or darker shade for evening. The best bet is one of the palettes with several shades and a lip brush. A company called Japones que sells empty palettes you can fill yourself with your favorite lipsticks. Be careful wearing lip gloss. It will ride up into the lip lines and comes off immediately with each sip of coffee. Another lightweight option for your makeup bag is several lip pencils to fill in the entire lip and a little gloss on top for shine.

So, lighten up your shoulder bag and leave those pounds of cosmetics at home. Wear a finished long lasting makeup and all you'll need to carry is powder and lipstick.

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