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SonicTouch 2 Ultrasonic Nail Remover

SonicTouch 2 Ultrasonic Nail Remover

List Price: $139.95

A revolutionary method for safely removing acrylic, gel, glue and artificial tips form the natural nail. It works almost three times quicker than the conventional way.

The removal of artificial nails is accomplished through the sonic-pressure effect of ultrasonic waves as well as the effect of activation, which break down the solid materials of the artificial nails and polish.

Cavitations are accompanied with micro agitation caused by the vibration of air bubbles and with chemical thermal action following the destruction of these bubbles. These actions generate complex and repeated catalytic chemical reactions with the acetone remover. The chemical thermal reaction generated by the destruction of air bubble at the time of the exhaustion of cavitations helps raise the temperature of the acetone remover. This not only catalyzes chemical reaction but also increase disperse action, successfully removing artificial nails or other foreign substances without harming the natural nail bed.

The sonic-pressure effect of the ultrasonic waves and cavitations are strong enough to automatically remove foreign substances from the hand, while naturally creating a massage effect to facilitate blood circulation.

Product Features:

  • Removing time is reduced up to 70%. It works 3 times quicker than the conventional way. Soaking time is reduced and any physical effort to remove is eliminated.
  • Designed with the latest technology. Use acetone solution only. Acetone solution is heated and agitated by ultrasonic vibrations to promote immediate penetration to soften and dissolve all artificial nails without damaging the natural nail.
  • Safety. It eliminates the dangers of damaging the natural nails. SonicTouch ultrasonic remover alone does all the removing. No need to apply implements of manual forces, which can cause pain and harm to natural nails.
  • Power source: 110V AC 60Hz.
  • Model: ST-701
  • Approximate time required to remove with SonicTouch 2:
  • Nail Polish: 10-30 seconds
  • Artificial tips and glue: 5-10 minutes
  • Acrylic and wraps: 10-15 minutes
Customer Reviews Average Rating: Rating: 4.33
Sonic Touch 2 Ultrasonic Nail Remover
Rating: 4.00 - Judith M. Brown from Michigan, May 6, 2010
How do I buy this machine. Your site won't let me add it to purchase it.
Rating: 4.00 - Tony from canada,montreal, March 9, 2010
i woul like to buy this produce < SonicTouch 2 Ultrasonic Nail Remover > cant you tell me how to buy from you?thank you!
Sonictouch 2 Ultrasonic nail emover
Rating: 5.00 - Brandi Hoffman from Martinsburg, WV, February 14, 2010
I am a salon owner, I have had my salontech nail remover for 8 years, but last week my other nail tech accidently dropped it and now it won't work. I NEED ANOTHER ONE PLEASE!!!!. Can you help me? The supplier I bought it from no longer carries them, and this is the only one I have found on the internet !!!! Please let me know ASAP !!! Thank you in advance,
Brandi Hoffman
Brandi's Beauty Barn
27 Lee St.
Martinsburg, WV. 25404
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