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ibd 5-Second Dip n' Go Kit

ibd 5-Second Dip n' Go Kit

List Price: $11.95

Everything you need to create two styles of acrylic nails - French and Natural - quickly and odor-free. Your nails will be beautiful, strong and long-lasting in under 30 minutes with this high speed acrylic alternative.

This kit (enough to complete at least 2 full sets) includes: 0.25 oz (7 grams) 5-Second Dipping Powder, 0.20 oz (6 grams) 5-Second Brush-On Gel Resin, 0.07 fl oz (2 grams) 5-Second Professional Nail Glue, 20 French Tips, 20 L.A. Nail Creation Tips, Brush, File, Wood Pusher, 0.125 fl oz (3.7 ml) 5-Second Topcoat, 0.125 fl oz (7 ml) 5-Second Cuticle Oil.


  1. Remove nail polish and foreign materials from nail.
  2. If desired, apply artificial nails.
  3. Apply Brush-On Gel Resin to the entire nail surface, including the tip. Do not get glue on cuticles.
  4. Dip finger into power and tap off excess. If necessary, use brush wipe off the excess powder.
  5. Use the 5-second Professional Nail Glue to apply a second coat of glue over powder, allow the glue to spread. Do not get glue on cuticles.
  6. Shape nail and buff.
  7. Apply topcoat or polish if desired.

To Remove: Use acetone polish remover. Do not break or peel off nails as this may damage your own nails.

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