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Advanced Tips for Eyebrow Plucking

Try to ignore the periodic fashions for highly plucked eyebrows. The fashions don't last for long, but eyebrows can take ages to grow back! It is always better to stick with the eyebrow shape you were born with, concentrating on just removing stray hairs from underneath the arch and between the brows.

  • You may moisturize before plucking, as that may hurt less. However, if you prefer to pluck your brows when the skin is dry, you may be more accurate with the tweezer.
  • Put a dab of Anbesol on the brow area to numb it, or alternatively, you may hold a cold washcloth to the brow for a few seconds before you start.
  • Decide the shape you want for your eyebrows.
  • Pluck the hairs out toward the ears, in the direction in which they grow. Remove stray hairs, but don't pluck too much at once. Pluck only one hair at a time.
  • Rub a soothing cream on the brow area afterwards.

Plucking Eyebrow Tips:

A tweezer with a pointed or slanted tip will grip the hairs best.

Always pluck below the brow line, so the hair coming back will follow the natural arch of your brow.

Use the top of the brow as a guide on how to shape the bottom.

Pluck a few hairs and then stop. Look in the mirror, step back, and see how you are doing. Remember, you can always take out more later, but once you have overplucked, you'll have to live with that thin, artificial line until the hair grows back.

If you over-plucked your eyebrows...

Choose a natural looking brown eye shadow. Then apply it lightly and evenly with a firm bristled eyebrow brush, using short sharp strokes across the brow. As the hairs that grow back are often unmanageable, a light coat of clear mascara can be applied to help keep them in place.

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