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Professional Polishes vs. Store Brands

There are big differences in the quality and content of professional polishes (OPI, Essie, Creative, Toma, Haken, etc.) vs. "drug store" brands (Revlon, Wet and Wild, Sally Hansen, etc).

There are additives that are actually BANNED for use in nail polish not sold through a professional. These additives create a very tough, long lasting, rich color. Another thing to realize is that the cheaper the brand (Wet and Wild for instance), the less pigment in the polish and the more coats you have to apply to get the actual color. So Wet and Wild is like 1/8 pigment and the rest is the other substances. Professional brands have many times that amount of pigment ( I don't know an exact amount, but I wouldn't be surprised at up to 65%).

Does that means other non-professional brands are bad? Nope. There is a market for all brands. Some people look for price, others for quality, others don't care, they just want it to look pretty. Whatever works for you. All I can say is just try it. A good base coat will adhere well to the nail and help things last longer and a good top coat will provide a lot of shine and protection.

If your polish chips right away, there are a couple main reasons:
1. Oils on the nail or weak thin nails. The thinner the nail, the more it flexes and the more the polish chips.
2. Oil will prevent adhesion. It is super important to have a clean dry nail to polish. Even if you just wipe with polish remover before polishing, that is better than nothing. There are products out there that also help cleans the nail prior to polishing (OPI has one called Chip Skip).

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