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Results Professional Eyebrow Brush & Lash Comb

Results Professional Eyebrow Brush & Lash Comb

List Price: $6.00

This eyebrow rush & lash comb is perfect for grooming brows and combing through lashes to define and separate.

Featuring synthetic Taklon fibers - the nature of Taklon Bristles:

  • Each filament is tapered, ending in a fine point. Filament is dyed to make it softer and more absorbent.
  • Synthetic bristle grips the product until you apply.
  • Anti-bacterial - easily sterilized.
  • Bristles maintain shape.
  • Will not shed.

Product Features:

  • Exquisitely angled design blends away edges for a smooth, precise application.
  • The fine selection of soft, smooth, silky and light synthetic blends offer an extremely strong hold and resilience. Proven more desirable than sable and other natural fibers.
  • Ferrules are crimped to the handle for a secure finished look with a smooth finish preventing breakage of fibers.
  • All handles are not equal. This is smooth hardwood and lacquered. Handle feels comfortable and substantial, giving you control over the brush, and the results.
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