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How to Choose the Right Mascara?

Mascara is one of the most essential and versatile makeup products: It can be worn alone for a subtle effect, or combined with other makeup for striking and noticeable results.


  • Decide whether you would prefer to use waterproof or water-soluble mascara. Water-soluble is easier to remove without eye makeup remover, thus minimizing the amount of rubbing around the eyes, which can lead to saggy skin. Waterproof mascara is a better choice for athletes, especially swimmers.
  • Choose a mascara color according to your hair color; brunettes should use black to bring out their eyes, but brown mascara will have a more natural effect on fair-haired women.
  • Avoid choosing colored mascara if it is to be worn with a conservative outfit or in the workplace. However, if you're planning to wear it for a fun evening out, feel free to get creative with different colors.
  • Choose the type of mascara brush according to your preference. A straight brush is good for coating the hard-to-reach corner lashes, while a curved brush makes it easier to coat more of your lashes at once.


  • If the mascara you choose is already dried out upon purchase, return it and request a refund.
  • Some beauty consultants suggest replacing your mascara tube every three months.

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