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The Smoky Cat Eye

Make-up artist Alexis Vogel—credited with creating Pamela Anderson's trademark sex kitten look—shares her expert advice on how to achieve the sultry smoky eye that 411 visitors can't get enough of.

Vogel says, “You can do this look as subtle or dramatic as you want,” and suggests using

light grays, burgundy’s and dark khakis as subtle colors. Listed below are tips on how to achieve the more dramatic version a la Pamela Anderson.

The Complete Alexis Vogel System

What You Will Need?

(For a fool-proof smoky eye, Alexis Vogel System Kit contains all these items with how-to instructions and photos.)

  1. Cake eyeliner in Black
  2. Eyeliner brush
  3. Eyeshadow brush
  4. Q-Tips
  5. Chubby pencil in dark shades
  6. Dark color eyeshadow (Alexis Vogel’s Masquerade was made specifically for this look). “You don't want the color to be too matte or too shiny—it just needs a little iridescence. Flat matte colors are too hard and shiny colors are too messy,” explains Vogel.
  7. Black mascara
  8. One pair (two if you’re daring) of Ardel demi whispies. Individual lashes can be used for a more subtle look, and also to enhance the upper outer lashes to pull your eyes up and open and angle them up for cat-shaped eyes.
  9. A good eyebrow pencil
  10. Highlight shimmer for under the eyebrow.

How to Tips:

Make sure you’ve applied your foundation, concealer and powder. (Don’t forget to powder your under-eye concealer too!)

Start by using your chubby pencil. Stroke from the front corner to the end of your lash line drawing a soft smudgy line.

With the eyeliner brush apply a dark eyeshadow (like Masquerade) against your smudged line for a soft smoky look.

Moisten your q-tip and gently blend the edges.

For the top eyeliner: Take your eyeliner brush with the cake eyeliner for an awesome cat eye shape or look. Place

your index finger at the end of your eyebrow and gently stroke your eyeliner down towards your lashes, going from

a thicker line at the outer corner and getting thinner as you go inward. Apply line thickness to desired look and

stroke down into your natural lashes.

Take your eyeshadow brush and dip it into shadow. Think of your eye as a picture frame to pop out or enhance your

eye by applying the shadow from the bottom corner continuing up into the top eyeliner, connecting the top and

bottom eyeliners (like a sideways V). Stay in the creases only and go from the outer end of the crease to the inner.

For a super glam look, fill in the whole eyelid with your eyeshadow. Don't worry if you make a mistake. Q-tips are like erasers.

Curl lashes, then apply a coat of mascara. (ALWAYS use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes before applying

mascara.) The trick to the cat eye is to pull everything up and out. If you want even more enhancement, throw on

one pair of lashes—and if you are daring enough throw on a second pair. Do not put another layer of mascara on

top of that. You want the lashes to be fluffy, flirty and sexy.

To polish this look off, draw a nice brow with a little bit of an arch and apply some super shimmer highlight on your

eyebrow bone. You can't have color and glitter on your eye for a smoky look but you can put some on your brow

bone as an accessory. Now you are ready to go out and have fun and be colorful!

To complete the look, check out the Alexis Vogel System, which will teach you how to do the whole face (pouty lips, glowing cheeks, and fresh skin).

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Eye make up for small eye
Nuie Tai from iNDIA, June 27, 2011
My eyes are so small and ****y but i do put make up in my eye....n it looks good but i need to know about more make ups for my eye types...n pleas sugesst me some more tips to make my eyes look bigger. moreover i dont have folds above my eyes.
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All ses retber ))))
acictelve from The Gambia, June 8, 2010
thanks a lot for such a nice info.
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what eye color suits
sadia, May 23, 2009
can u tell me which eye color suits for wheatish girls
Was this information helpful? Yes or No
Felicia from Philly, September 16, 2008
It would be more helpful if you posted pictures of the steps for reference.
Was this information helpful? Yes or No
how do you make your eye lashes longer with mascara?
amy from nottingham, April 4, 2008
i have brought many mascaras but all of them make my eye lashes stick together or they dont make my eye lashes very long fi you have any ideas please help
Was this information helpful? Yes or No
Buying Alexis Vogel Products Overseas
Liz from New Zealand, November 27, 2007
My name is Liz and I am writing from New Zealand. I have been wishing to purchase Alexis Vogel products for some time now - in particular the complete system 'light' - but I have been unable to locate anyone who supplies these products outside the U.S. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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