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Tips for Removal of Facial Hair

Electrolysis is the only one type of facial hair removal that is recommended by medical professionals.

Itís said that electrolysis could  remove facial hair permanently, both men and women are fond of this treatment, because it is an effective way for the facial hair permanent removal so far, and it would meet their requirement.
As electrolysis is an effective treatment, it has three different types, but all these types use a fine, steel probe or needle to manage each hair individually with the electric current.

Actually, during the electrolysis treatment, you would feel like a tiny pinch, though it sounds painful, and if you are falling asleep during the process, it is not a surprising thing. Considering for the sensitive people, they may use the prescription anesthetic cream named EMLA, but the cream should be applied one hour earlier before the treatment, and the area applied will be numbed sufficiently to make a comfortable treatment. Some one would doubt the side effects from EMLA, actually itís no need to worry about it, because the skin redden or blanching just appear for that moment, and shall return to normal an hour later.

Not only can electrolysis be performed on facial hair permanent removal, but also the arms, legs, hands and feet. Specially, this technique must be performed by a physician whom was qualified when it is done on the inside of the ears, nose or eyelids.

Thermolysis is one type of electrolysis, and is considered to be the best method, because it is the only one which need not to travel through the individuals whole body, it would also not cause chemical reaction, in additional, it is a quicker form than other 2 forms of electrolysis. Itís necessary to find a well-trained practitioner who masters the techniques and skill in proper sterilization methods. Make sure to ask questions when you want to know this or view the physicianís equipment before you sign up for the procedure. The practitioners will give a consultation to you before they begin the first treatment of the electrolysis. The process of the treatment will be explained thoroughly by the practitioner during the consultation, and if you had any personal questions, just ask the practitioner, consultations is free. Instructions is necessary, in order to keep the results of your electrolysis treatments.

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Eline, January 20, 2010
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