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Warm Manicure & Cold Manicure

Perfect manicure is an important part of your expressive hands, anyway, do you know how to make a perfect manicure? There are two comparable methods, warm manicure and cold manicure.

Warm Manicure

As the most professional skill, warm manicure has advantage in treating the nail and avoiding cuticles cut. Nothing to worry about, the warm manicure’s procedure is not difficult at all.

The first step, you must dip your hand into a bowl, for ten minutes. And make sure there is a warm cream in the bowl, especially created for nails, this will contribute to cuticles removal. Then you can massage the hand and remove grease from the nails, this is very procedure that mustn’t be neglected in order to make nail polish longer lasting.

In the coming step, you have to push forward the cuticles with a special stick and a special oil or gel for cuticles – this is an efficient American technique, which leads in a few months to their definitive removal; you can apply a protective lacquer, with vitamins and then two nail polish layers. For shine and resistance, you should not neglect a top usage.

Cold Manicure

Cutting cuticles could stimulates their growing, therefore, Cold Manicure appeals in general to those who are used to cutting cuticles and estheticians in general do not recommend this technique. Thus on long term they can even become unaesthetic.

You have to dip your hand into a bowl of warm water, then push the agnail and clean the area using a special stick. Cut the lateral excess of cuticles grown in time.

Most people suppose that the most beautiful look is the simplest one. This theory is valid for manicure as well. Hands are women’s business cards. Irrespective if nails are red, white, with rhinestones or a lacquer layer, if the manicure is neat and the hands are clean, the image is pleasant.


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