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Whatís the Best Color for Your Lips?

Lipsí color is one of the most important part of a beautiful womenís face makeup, a suitable color of the lips could make lips look sexy or more kissable, also make a deep impression to people.

Women should be careful when choosing the color for lips, itís better try it out in a makeup salon first, and ask for their assistance in choosing the color choices.

Anyhow, there are some tips for you in choosing the color for lips:

You should know exactly which kind your lips belong to before choosing the color.
Generally, purples, browns and bronzes are for the women with large lips, they are the best choices to make the large tips look gentle.

Contrarily, those women with thinner lips should choose the light colors for their lips, wine, berry, cappuccino and mauve colors are the best choice for light blondes, while coral, apricot and shades of peach are the best choices for blondes that have a golden hue.

Warm peach, brown and terracotta shades are for blondes who have sport olive skin tones. Women who have redheads may use warm colors, for example, shades of terracotta, cinnamon and peachy brown. But shades of terracotta, cinnamon and reds with hints of brown are more suitable colors for brunettes.

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